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Last post and update for the year.

That's right its my last post for this year. For those who want an explanation, I'll make this brief. As of now, I have 7 internet blogs where I post updates/pages and read messages. I know it's not a lot, as some of you will say "Well I have 10 or 20 or 100 blogs!". To each is to his own, but I have decided to concentrate on only 1. Two actually, and that's the Comic Genesis site where I post the LXF comics and FA.

Now why only those two? and what will happen to the rest?

First of all, as I said, CG to put the comcis, and starting now, I will make use of the forum section to discuss each page and read each comment. As for FA, well don't get me wrong. LJ was my first and I've made a lot of new friends here, It's just that FA is much more closer to home for me so to speak. Most of the Filipino furries have FA accounts, with DA being Second and only a few with LJ accounts.

If you also notice, I don't post as much here as I use to.

So what's gonna happen to my other blogs and journal? I'll leave it as it is. Who knows, I might come back here someday.

With all that said and done, I'll be concentrate more in posting journals on FA and putting up the comic on CG.

My Furaffiniy Account

LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries

For those who want to comment on the comic, just go to the forums section.

I want to thank all my LJ friends who have been with me through all this time.

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Super Wynther

Birthday Greetings and LXF Update.

Dang I forgot to greet abehusky a happy birthday on the 12. ><


Though late as it may be, heheh. Sorry dude.

And now for an LXF page update:

As the train makes its way to Nova city, Dustin and his friends almost gets into trouble. While looking for another place to sit, he gets a chance encounter with Nathan (Terrabolt)

Dustin is bauske 's fursona.
Nathan (Terrablot) is godmanga 's fursona.

Story by wynther_knight
Pencils by Levi
Colors by rhanlav

Oh Noez!

Such is life...

I found the leaked preview of Iron Man 2 on youtube, watched and posted it, then it was taken down within the next day, then crestfang showed me the fan-made Starfox anime, watched and posted it and then the owner decided to take it down.


Good luck and Bad luck playing around. Guess I do have my fursona's luck power.

I really should take the time to download it so I can have a copy before it's removed, heheheh.
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