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A Bear From A Far Away Place

Thoughts in my head....

Wynther Knight
12 February 1973
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I'm an ordinary average person trying to get by in this busy busy world of ours. I don't let life's hindrances let me down, I always manage to be optimistic in every situation. I just like to meet people, that's all.

Ok, first of all I’m not used to describing who (or what) I am. Physically speaking, I’m about 5’ 9” (or 5’ 10” depends on the time of day). I weigh 180 lbs. (most of which is the belly part). As per my race, I have tan to almost medium-dark brown complexion (due to sunburns), black hair and black eyes. I think I’m somewhere between light to medium built, and I haven't joined a gym for a long time. What else? Oh yeah, I wear glasses and I'm gay (http://wynther-knight.livejournal.com/10620.html)

My family is composed of 3 brothers, 1 lesbian sister (5 of us total siblings) and my father. My mom passed away last 2002. I’m the fourth to come out of my mother’s womb. All of my brothers are married, I’m still single. My sister is living with her girlfriend. The eldest has 3 kids, 2 boys, 1 girl. My sister has an adopted kid, a boy. My other brother has one daughter and the youngest doesn’t have any kids yet.

I have a pet kitten.

I’m the only one among the five of us that still living with my father. I have a job, I am currently working for this American company that has a branch here. My dad’s old now and I don’t want to just leave him. Living in my own house means I don’t have to pay for rent. It's not a bad thing, since he doesn't give me the "my house, my house" rule, although I'm considering getting my own place, perhaps having one or two friends as housemates. It's just gonna be a bit hard due to the financial crisis where everywhere you go, everything is getting expensive.

My personality is something that I can’t put into words, but I’ll try. What can I say, I’m an ordinary person. Kinda boring huh? Hmmm… I’m friendly. A bit shy. I spend most of my time in front of the computer. I like watching television shows. I love videogames. I was into Role-playing games (the pen-and-paper kind) but since most of my adventuring friends are scattered, I don’t get to play that anymore, so I just settled for the computer and console kind.

I’m a Christian and I’m proud of it. I’m religious in a sense that I cling strongly to my beliefs. They’re the ones that guide me through this life. My optimistic outlook is all because of those beliefs. Some of these are: I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that one should not worry too much about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. I also believe that if you can do something about a situation, do it; whining wont help. I try to keep a cool head in times of tribulations. There are still more, but I think you’ll get the general idea.

My furry alter ego is a bear, as you can see in my pics (I've have finalized my avatar pictures, Yay!). I like bears and I feel like I am one. As for the name Wynther Knight, well it sounded kinda cool, so I took it. It was supposed to be Winter Knight, but someone already beat me to it. Besides, now that think about it, Wynther sounds better.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Using Quizzes to define me:


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Well, so far that's it. Feel free to add me as your friend, and I will do the same.